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Portfolio - Web Design

Bottega Massimo


Area: Technical support
Activity: A simple-looking website. 
Colours and forms' pairing creates a strong visual impact by keeping alive the interest about the message.
Customer's goal was to obtain a commercial comparison paired with a good esthetic.



Industry: Hobbies - Ecommerce
Activities : The ecommerce wants to be a meeting point between the federmodellismo collectors worldwide and one of the historic business realities of the Brianza . The portal is effective , simple and safe , ensuring an intuitive user interface and ease of browsing and purchasing management .




Area: Formation
Attività: Complete restyling of the website. The site was projected to make the sight a good and a useful experience for the user, by making simpler in the new project.

Rodolfo Pilari

Area: Artistic, Creative
ActivityArtist born in 1953 from Tuscan. This website collects some of his works and his philosophy.

360Clic - Fotoserra


Area: Virtual professional tours
Activity: Immersive environments, high quality virtual views.
Customer needed a site that can explain how Virtual Tours can be the closest virtual experience to the real visit of a place.



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