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Applicativi Web

 In questa sezione trovate alcuni esempi di applicativi realizzabili per l'informatizzazione della vostra attività...


Online Calendar/Personal Organizer

Allow to put in your internet site a section for the online booking of appointments related to any kind of activity that offers services.
A online Booking management application allows to make faster the book for your customer and it offers professionelity: it is an easy tool to use and to manage for the services providers who care about their customers.

Suited for: Beauty Salons, Massage Centers, Spa and Hospitals, Sport Centers, Schools, Gyms, etc.

The application setting starts with the creation of new services that can be offered to the customer: events, meetings, lessons, consulences, etc, customization setting, single prices of the services, worker's tabletime and their disponibility, payment info, add and edit appointments, etc.

The application offers interesting solutions and a pleasant booking way for the customers, 5 simple steps to complete the booking, has a intuitive interface, so is the clear desing that makes this process easy.

Each booking will be notifcated via email to you: reminders, confirmations, etc. You can also send notifications to your workers, for example to give some info about the program or the next appointment. The owner of the website will be able to manage all the settings and notifications through the admin panel.

A customized calendar allows to see the appointments and can be viewed in two ways: weekly and daily. Administrators can create new appointments and edit the ones taken yet. There is also the possibility to give a colour for each category of servicies for eyes comfort.

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Booking system places Cinemas and Theatres

Our booking system places is developed to respond fully and professionally to the needs of structures and operators.

With just two steps it gives the user the reservation. The software is fully customizable and adaptable to your needs by our programmers.

Basic features:

- multi room

- programmed display of posters with more information

- customized graphics

- integration with your site

- ability to enable payments (credit card, bank transfer)

- possibility of tickets or withdrawal shipments room

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Build customer loyalty. A loyalty program now constitutes the main lever available to the market to implement customer retention strategies.

A loyal customer is a customer who does consider it valid product quality and will not hesitate to come back to buy again.

Activate loyalty campaigns can ensure a stable minimum turnover for the company or store. 



COLLECTION POINTS each time the customer makes a charge, you will receive an amount of points proportional to the amount spent.

PREPAID CARDS OR GIFT CARD Prepaid cards (or Gift Card) are the fidelity card, which allow customers to take advantage of a prepaid credit for use within your business.

SUBSCRIPTIONS It is the way in which a customer purchases in advance a package with a number of benefits and services.

To enhance the image of its business, provide a card with your own logo, accompanied by special promotional plans, binds the customer to the store giving it "important" and the perception of a "special treatment" of her.

At Christmas or any special occasion gift card can be a great tool to gratify their customers or emloyees.

Gift cards are the perfect corporate gift because they allow the final recipient to freely choose his gift and maintain a high perceived value, are the perfect prize for an effective and satisfactory incentive program for the company and employees.

Our web platform allows you to manage through a simple and intuitive interface all types of above cards can be customized to meet the specific needs of each activity is used by multiple outlets and is optimized for all devices on the market.

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It ' a web application that allows you to sell your photos on your website . PhotoLab is the ' ecommerce perfect for event photographers who want to sell their images or prints online . The perfect solution for photographers of weddings , ceremonies , shows, sporting events , concerts and more. Sell ​​photos online today is simple and fast.


Sell ​​photos in different formats and sizes
Download immediately after payment
Payment by credit card and PayPal
E-mail notification of purchases
Advanced search features
Geolocation of photos
Create private gallery
Instant preview and zoom
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